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PIXEVIA Smart Parking solution calculates real-time parking occupancy information, and scans visitor number-plates for additional statistics or fee enforcement. Our solution collects information from security cameras and processes with our in-house developed artificial intelligence software.

Using PIXEVIA Smart Parking solution you can:
- Get actionable occupancy statistics for your parking lots
- Calculate information to improve visitor satisfaction (routing to empty parking spaces via displays in parking lot or the app)
- Optimize your operations and fee enforcement

Benefits of using PIXEVIA Smart Parking solution
Easy to deploy and cost-effective:
Can use already installed security cameras
Combines information from tens, hundreds cameras
Is flexible and can be integrated with your software

Optimize your profits:
Get real-time occupancy data
Use historical information to predict future vacancy
Number plate recognition based fee enforcement
No need to send people to check who payed or not

Improved customer satisfaction:
Collected data can be used for a faster car routing in the parking
Let your customers know in real time which parkings spots are empty via on steet displays, app or website
Detect anomalies like drag racing or illegal gatherings in real-time and get notified