Smart Store

AI-powered, autonomous store for the best customer experience

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The gold standard for shopping.
Simple to use and trust

Tap any payment card (credit card or debit card), phone or watch wallet at the gates to enter the store - the easiest way for any customer to enter. Entry by using a mobile app is also supported
Take items, put items back - cameras and AI will automatically, in real-time recognize all actions and create a virtual shopping basket. Forget barcodes and queues. You can be in and out of the shop in 15 seconds.
Tap the card again. That's it. No need to scan anythings, download anything. The customer instantly sees the content of the basket at the exit and taps the card to make a payment. The shopper gets the receipt instantly.

Enhance customer experience and
optimize operations with a smart store!

No cashiers and no queues for the fast and seamless shopping experience. No bar code scanning. The list of taken items is displayed instantly at the exit.
Cost efficient solution, that's easy to install, integrate, and operate.
Data driven platform with precise and real-time stock information, out-of-stock alerts, customer analytics data and demand forecasting.
24/7 operation. Support for both manned and unmanned operations - for example manned operation during replenishment and peak hours and unmanned during off-peak hours.


Automation reduces operating expenses, eliminates queues, gives real-time data, and enables 24/7 operations if needed.

Automate your
convenience store!


People who are on the move want to get in and out of a store quickly – you can make it easy for them to grab a coffee and a snack without having to queue.

Fuel your gas station
with automation!

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