PIXEVIA software is under the Lithuanian based company “Magma Solutions, UAB”, known for AI-based smart retail and smart city solutions. Latest one being the very first AI-based Convenience Store in Europe.

The Smart Store was opened in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2019. The AI-based full size convenience store in Vilnius is successfully functioning without cashiers and waiting lines. Customers simply walk in, grab what they need, and go while getting charged.

PIXEVIA is constantly working on cutting-edge software solutions. As a result, the company’s products have been presented at global conferences in Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Lausanne. PIXEVIA was covered by the largest media - “Forbes”, “Associated Press” and others. As well as participated in exhibitions on joint stands with global leaders in artificial intelligence NVIDIA.

Individual components and solutions developed by the company are used in the markets of France, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The company is actively engaged in research and experimental development activities to bring innovative solutions to the market - in 2018 has received a research grant "PIXEVIA - artificial intelligence system for smart city and drones".