Privacy policy / PIXEVIA Vilnius Store

Thank you very much for your interest in our fully automated store.

By using automated store you are becoming part of the bigger community that works on radically improving retail experience for everyone. This innovation is based on artificial intelligence, and for artificial intelligence solutions to work well it needs a lot of data to train it.

This is the reason we kindly ask for you to allow us to use data we gather during your visit to our shop to keep on improving our solution by agreeing to the terms below. Your consent shall be a lawful ground for us to collect and process the personal data for the purposes indicated below.

  I, Magma solutions UAB (later - PIXEVIA) shop visitor, understand and agree that:
- PIXEVIA shop premises are being filmed;
- PIXEVIA can save specific individual customer images to improve system performance (i.e. the image of the customer trying to reach an item). In such case, images do not have any traceable connection with the real user (i.e. date of visit or other data) which can help identify them;
- raw video records of me taken during my visit to the store will be stored in PIXEVIA system for one year and will be used for implementation and completion of the purchasing transactions as well as for improvement of shop technology being developed by PIXEVIA;
- my name, surename, email and purchasing data derived from my actions inside the shop will be stored and used for analytical purposes of the improvement of shop technology;
- I might receive from PIXEVIA occasional updates related to PIXEVIA work and services;
- I might be contacted regarding my specific actions inside the store for the purposes of improvement of shop technology;
- I understand that PIXEVIA might use the video records of me taken during my visit to the store for security purposes and prevention of damage to the store facilities, the shop inventory and the goods placed at the store.

PIXEVIA is fully committed to implementing the system of the highest security for the storage of the video records and other personal data collected from you. The data will be stored in the secure database, access to which will be protected by passwords, restricted access to physical locations, if applicable. Access rights are limited to a small number of clearly identified individuals on a strictly need-to-know basis.

You have the right to request PIXEVIA to delete all the data associated with you, however it should be noted that PIXEVIA services might not be available to you after such deletion. Some of the data cannot be deleted as its retention is required by the law or it is necessary for the performance of legal obligations and duties of PIXEVIA.

Any questions and/or complaints regarding data processing by PIXEVIA should be addressed to