Fully automated stores



PIXEVIA provides technology for an AI driven convenience store, without cashiers and waiting lines.  You simply walk in, grab what you need, and go.
The system will automatically detect items taken from the shelves and create a virtual shopping cart. The customer can use a credit card, hotel card, or app for the payment.


Main benefit for the customer is convenience. No need to wait in line to pay for groceries, no need to manually scan all the items at self-service machines. If you came to PIXEVIA powered store for just one item, you can be in and out of the shop in less than 45 seconds.

For the retailer the biggest benefit is happy customer. Research shows that usually, the primary source of disappointment in real-world stores is a long waiting time at the cashier.

In addition to happy customers and increased sales, retailers also profit from:
- Less staff needed in a store;
- Total theft protection;
- Precise and real-time stock information;
- Ability to analyze customer shopping behavior;
- Media/press attraction due to bleeding edge retail innovation.


Tested in real world conditions

PIXEVIA tests the A.I. technology in real world conditions in a full size convenience store.

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How does it work

Cameras and sensors

PIXEVIA Store uses two kinds of sensors: cameras and smart shelves. Cameras are installed on the ceilings to track every customer and observe every shelf in the store. In addition to the cameras, smart shelves are used to get complete information about the products in the store.

Artificial intelligence

The system can precisely tell which customer has taken what product in real time. PIXEVIA’s artificial intelligence engine continually analyzes information from these two types of sensors in the servers at the store.