Quick and Effortless Shopping & Automated Retail Management

The gold standard for autonomous shopping:
an instant, simple-to-use, trustworthy system

1.   TAP IN

Tap any payment card (credit card or debit card), phone or watch wallet at the gates to enter the store - the easiest way for any customer to enter. Entry by using a mobile app is also supported.

2.   SHOP

Take items, put items back - cameras and AI will automatically, in real-time recognize all actions and create a virtual shopping basket. Forget barcodes and queues. You can be in and out of the shop in 15 seconds.


View your items on the screen at the exit, then tap your card to pay — that's all there is to it. There's no need to scan items or download an app.



Seamless, real-time checkout

Door, gate control

Unusual behavior, theft alerts

Sound alerts and voice communication


Automated age verification

Cleaning equipment integration

Cash machine integration

Coffee machine integration


Tobacco dispenser integration

Store layout editor

Advanced 3D analytics

Inventory management and ordering


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Experience the future of retail with Pixevia's Smart Store solution. Witness firsthand the transformative potential of our platform and the exceptional customer experience it offers. Whether you operate convenience stores, gas stations, or larger retail establishments, our demo will showcase how you can optimize your operations and deliver an unmatched shopping experience. Let us guide you through the features and answer any questions you might have.

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