Our software runs the first AI-based “take-and-go" store in Europe since 2019, where all picked up items are detected by the PIXEVIA Store AI system, enabling fast, cashierless shopping experience.

Our team is constantly working on cutting-edge software solutions. As a result, the products we’ve been developing have been presented at global conferences in Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Lausanne. PIXEVIA was covered by the largest media - “Forbes”, “Associated Press” and others. As well as participated in exhibitions on joint stands with global leaders in artificial intelligence NVIDIA.

Individual components and solutions developed by the company are used in the markets of France, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Open positions:

Machine learning / computer vision developer

Tech stack: python / C++ (rust). Frameworks: PyTorch, Tensorflow.

Computer vision developer

Tech stack: C++.

UI / UX developer

Tech stack: react/javascript, CSS.

Contact: mindaugas at pixevia dot com